Pronatalism (from Latin "pro" - for + "natalis" - birth ) - a belief, according to which an increase in birth rate is a means of overcoming the threat to public safety associated with depopulation, as well as a means of strengthening the institution of family, and preservation of health and welfare of the population


Dear conference speakers,
If you want the conference delegates to communicate successfully, please note that good conference interpretation is a joint venture of interpreters and speakers. The former must be professional; the latter should not rush with their presentation and are requested to:

  • give the interpreters a hard copy of their presentation during registration even if they do not intend to read it through;
  • give the interpreters a hard copy of the power point presentation they are going to use as the interpreters’ booth does not offer a good view of the conference hall or the viewing screen;
  • speak distinctly and clearly;
  • explain the acronyms and abbreviations when first used even if they seem obvious to the speaker.